Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I thought i am over it

I can't help but to cry. Still can't bear to look at your photo.

Monday, March 12, 2012

1st Post in 2012

Year 2012.

What have i become?
A journey from a Factory worker doing QC for Hard disk in more than 15 years ago.
To now, focusing on the Business Development for Indonesia and building a full team now.

Had a busy 2nd half of 2011.
Doing a UCD degree course on Business Management in Kaplan till Oct 2012
Started renovation of new home - should completed by May 2012

Year 2012 will be equally as busy.
New challenges at work, degree course getting tougher.
Age catching level lower and recovery rate slower.
Reminder to oneself - tone down, hold my rein, reduce aggression.
It is just work!

Hope Year 2012 will be a peaceful and happy year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simple Day with YOU!

Those few days were days that i treasured.They were simple, yet blissful.I don't need extravagant to be happy, just need you by my side will do.Let's have more happy, blissful and memorable simple days.Cause all we need is you and me.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Do you remember? - 20th Dec 2007

Woah.. a long day shopping today.

You accompany me and my bro to buy sofa and cupboard.

Thanks for the tips on Star Funiture opening sales.

First we took lunch at Tapopo Jap restaurant at Liang Court and accompany my bro with his camera shopping at Audio House. Then we bought some bubble bath Shower Gel while waiting for my bro.

Then we went to star furniture to check out sofas.

We took a picture with the chicken and rabbit together at Star Furniture.

( Ok why rabbit and chicken? )

Finally after much deliberation we purchased the sofa and gotten 3 pillows free due to your connection :P Thanks again dear.

Later we move on to IKEA for cupboard, before we had dinner at the Zhou's Restaurant.

You were so Full!!! You said :P And you like the Mango Dessert, abit unique.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do you remember ? - 15th Dec & 16th Dec 2007

We spent a few hours at Vivo....Shop Shop Shop... and caught The Golden Compass at Vivo GV Gold Class.

Drove up to Vivo in my bro trust Vios. ( he is out of town )

The weather was cold due to rain.....

You managed to find the gifts for TS and Vann.....

U bought a sweet yellow cardigan and i bought 2 Tees :P

Dinner was at Marche, good old crepes and potato....( forgot what is it names )

Tried the spanish seafood paella too... not too bad.

16th Dec

Spent the day in your room slping and hugging ToTo. You were busying designing christmas card and wrapping TS and Vann gifts.

I went home about 7pm and found scooby pee in Dad's room. Sighz...

Where is the Christmas Spirit?

Well, i was looking for new Shoes today.....
Was at Takashimaya, went to Pedro.

Well Design not too bad, but kind of disappointed that.... there are no CHRISTMAS PROMOTION!!!

It is not like..Super Branded Stuff that don't need any promotion at all... or maybe this is what PEDRO want to are not there yet..ok at least to me...i am entitle to my own opinion right?

Anyway, i bought my shoes in the end, at ALDO..... a bit more to PEDRO....
Based on my personal shopper expert opinion.

2 nice pairs of Voucher and Member's Discount for Future Purchase :)

Ended my day with a smile!

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas Shopping!

R.I.P My SGD59 8months Old Working Shoe.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do you remember ? - 14th Dec 2007

Pick you up from Bugis, Heavy rain.

Then we went to far east florist in the spur of moment. made an U turn and dropped in to the world of plants and flowers. I smell the christmas fig tree, it was faint due to the rain and saw some cute and pretty small pots of flowers, orchid, violet, etc etc.

We bought 1 vase for future flowers that i gonna send her :P and a pot of orchid for her mum.

Then we headed back to her place for dinner.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do you remember ? - 11th Dec 2007

We met at PS at about 5pm. Had dinner at Mahanttan, my first time there, ordered a platter for 2. it was nice, but filling.Then we browsed around looking for a gift for your christmas gift exchange.ends up we did not find anything, but you bought some stuff from MWL.
The movie we watched was Heart Break Kid. an almost 2 hours show.I sent you home after the movie. A day spent with you. A day well spent.